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Spring 2024 Confident & Connected Baby Sleep Program

19 Modules

Support MODULE 2: How Healthy Sleep is Built

In this Module:

  • Discover how the brain “works” to make sleep happen-- so that challenges begin to make sense.

  • See how sleep unfolds over the first 3 years so that you can adapt your approach and anticipate changes.

  • Learn what’s “normal” and what’s a sleep problem.

  • Learn strategies for basic sleep hygiene

Support MODULE 3: Sleep and your Unique Baby

In this module you’ll learn:

  • How temperament impacts sleep so that you can tailor their day and their bedtime routines for better bedtime.

  • Learn why sensory processing matters, and how to shape sleep using sensory strategies.

  • Discover the single most important sign that your baby is getting enough sleep.

  • And more!

Solve MODULE 4: Optimizing Sleep Environment (Where, with who, and why)

In Module 4: 

  • Explore the options of where your baby sleeps and how to make it work for your family (sidecar, floor beds, bedsharing, cribs, bassinets, toddler beds, etc).

  • Discover ways to create a sleep sanctuary that promotes better sleep.

  • Learn what the science actually says about safe sleep spaces.

  • Create a safer sleep space (including bedsharing) using the evidence.

Solve MODULE 5: Optimizing Sleep Morning to Nap to Night (Attachment-Based Strategies)

In Module 5:

  • Uncover the strategies that help naps and bedtimes happen more easily.

  • Learn when (and how) to shape naps.

  • Understand why bedtime routines actually matter (and how to avoid the pitfalls that make bedtimes frustrating).

  • Map out a bedtime routine that can adapt to your baby’s development and that you actually look forward to!

  • Discover the morning routine that sets the stage for easier bedtimes and nights.

  • Learn what sleep trainers don’t tell you about preparing your baby for daycare naps.

  • Discover the easiest way to reduce false starts and split nights.

Solve MODULE 6: Teething and Colic and Colds, Oh My!

In this module,  discover: 

  • What are the most common health challenges that impact sleep (and what ones are most often missed)

  • How to identify underlying health challenges so that you can worry less and address the problem.

  • What strategies can make sleep easier even while health challenges are present.

  • And more!

Sustainable Success MODULE 7: Surviving and Thriving (Taking Care of Yourself)

In Module 7 You’ll Learn:

  • How to identify (and meet!) your own needs so that you can show up as the parent you strive to be

  • Why your nervous system matters to your baby’s sleep

  • The most straight-forward ways to co-regulate with your baby for better sleep

  • How to ride through the challenging periods of your baby’s sleep more easily

  • How to solve parent insomnia so that when your baby can finally sleep, so can you!

  • How to connect with your partner (even when you disagree on sleep training)

  • The powerful self-talk that will help you manage the worry, frustration, and doubt about your baby’s sleep.

Bonus SESSION 1: The Truth About Sleep Logs, Sleep Trackers, and Sleep Apps

BONUS #2: ADDITIONAL LIVE SESSION: The Truth About Sleep Logs, Sleep Apps, and Baby Sleep Trackers

We’ll look at:

  • The pros and cons of sleep logs, and how and when to use them without adding stress
  • The merits and pitfalls of baby sleep tracking apps
  • The science around bluetooth baby sleep tracking devices (and how to unpack the underlying reasons you feel compelled to use them)

Bonus LIVE SESSION #2: Wake windows and Schedules: How to use them without abusing them.

In this bonus session, we’ll explore:

  • How and when to use wake windows to guide your sleep parenting
  • How to break up with baby sleep schedules (and what to use instead)
  • How to be SMART about how you use your baby’s sleep data so that you feel less stressed and more informed about what your baby needs.

Time Change! Fall Back, Spring Forward, and Sleep

Roots of Attachment: How Understanding Attachment Helps Your Baby Sleep

Modules for this product 19
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