Why isn’t my baby sleeping? | May 30th 10am ET

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The Baby Sleep Mini Course

The Baby Sleep Mini Course gives you the perspectives and tools you need to support your baby’s sleep with age-specific evidence-based, attachment-based strategies --without sleep training.

This holistic course is the what, why, and how of baby sleep development from birth to 3 years.

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16 Modules

Easy Wins

There are some easy changes you can make to your baby's sleep environment that may lead to big improvements in how smoothly bedtime and nighttime is going.

Explore this resource to identify some changes you can make to get a better night's sleep.

SENSE-sational Sleep

We're SENSORY beings...And that means what we see, hear, smell, feel, and experience impacts us.

When we can think about our babies' needs as being sensory, finding ways to support them is easier.

"Other Than the Crib"

In this module, we'll be exploring alternatives to crib sleeping.

Safety measures, research, and personal decision making will be covered.

Workshop Replay: The Art & Science of Baby Sleep

Parent Self-Care Toolkit

Parenthood means meeting your babies needs without neglecting your own.

Access this resource for ideas on how to care for you YOUR way.

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