Why isn’t my baby sleeping? | May 30th 10am ET

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Welcome to Heather Boyd's Family Sleep Learning Hub!

You're tired, overwhelmed, and feeling completely turned around when it comes to supporting your baby's sleep.

You know you don't want to sleep train.  But you're not sure what you can DO about sleep.

If you are ready to support your baby's sleep with confidence, knowledge, and validation (without sleep training), this learning hub is here to help you do just that.

Ready to get started?

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Baby Sleep Roadmap

Need a clear roadmap on navigating your baby's sleep from morning to night (and back to morning again?).

Get access to the Baby Sleep Roadmap, a simple and clear overview of how to support your baby's sleep without sleep training.

Free Resource Bundle

Inside, find links and resources for the next free workshop + additional free resources.

Spring 2024 Confident & Connected Baby Sleep Program

Welcome! When you join the Confident & Connected Baby Sleep Program:

  • You'll have access to 7 Modules covering everything from baby sleep culture to nap and bedtime strategies, setting up the sleep environment, health issues that impact sleep, and attachment-based strategies that support sleep right up to 18 months and beyond.
  • You'll be invited to come to weekly coaching calls/ office hours to problem solve together how to gently nudge sleep and how to rethink how to support your baby's independence.
  • You'll be in a confidential ConCon community thread to share, ask, support, celebrate, and connect with other parents.
  • You'll have lifetime access to the modules and coaching calls (unless you buy a time-limited package).

What to do next:

Book a call to talk about whether this group is the right fit for you.

The Baby Sleep Mini Course

The Baby Sleep Mini-Course helps you support your baby’s sleep with age-specific evidence, perspectives, and strategies, and without sleep training for birth to 3 years of age. 

If you want to learn more before saying yes, click here.

Baby Sleep Connection Podcast Resource Hub

You've listened to The Baby Sleep Connection Podcast, and you're here for one or more of the resources I've mentioned in an episode.  Terrific!

If an episode mentions any research or graphics, it will be inside.  Sign up for free.

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